Dog and Cat Grooming in South Portland, Maine

Pet Grooming

Ensure the health and comfort of your pet with dog and cat grooming from The Pet Stop in South Portland, Maine.

We groom all breeds of dogs and offer breed-specific cuts in our safe and quiet environment. Whether your pet is long haired or short haired, our Prima® bathing system puts your pet at ease. We customize your pet's grooming based on you and your animal's needs.

 Your pet will love the air injected, high-pressure shampoo application, which provides a relaxing massage while scrubbing the coat. We use hypoallergenic, medicated, and oatmeal shampoos and conditioner at no extra charge. Grooming service includes:

          Bath                     Brush out                     Blow Dry          Ear Cleaning

          Dematting          Tooth Brushing          Nail Clipping or Grinding

Additional Treatments

In addition to basic grooming services, we offer:

                           Hot Oil Treatment                                    Flea & Tick Treatment    
                           Deskunking Treatment                           Anal Gland Expression